About Us

Jain Bang (JAM) established in 1986 , our owner have been learning jewelry manufacturing process from 1960 year , Jain Bang built by a great Jewelry maker .

As a long experience , we offer our clients a guaranteed quality of jewelry with a professional foundry factory with steady precious-metal casting technical , and all our gem setter have been stay in Jewelry market for over 50 years . Jain Bang Jewelry Manufacturer has the experience you needed that transform your vision into art . We are experts in a number of manufacturing techniques, blending old and new methods to give you the best of both.

For our service , We are attention on the quality of Jewelry process, Therefore , for a quality control reason that we don’t take huge mass production as we want, we holding our own value of jewelry processing quality , that’s how we equipped with over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the jewelry industry .

When it comes to our suite of services, here are the service that we can help you with:
-3D printing
-Mold Making / also holding over 10 million mold for marketing
-Lost Wax Casting
-Gem Setting
-Emerizing & Polishing

Professional spirit

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