Our Service

Carefully consider and tailor your mind.
Among the various designs that are in-depth and simple, the constant change is the distance between the craftsmanship and the brand, which enhances the value of the brand with temperature.

Passing the warmest value of the craft

3D printing

Model making / Model for choosing

Casting for precious metal, gold, silver

Emerizing & Polishing

Gem setting


Skill knowlege

Technique Inheritance


Aesthetics X Quality


Craft aesthetics

Over a 30 years experience , Jain Bang has continuously been providing and increasing oversea business around the world. We supply the service from American wholesaler to few American young designers that adhere to a rigorous attitude, providing our customers with complete services from jewelry design and development to proofing, order confirmation, production, our motto to do our utmost to satisfy each of your requests.